Life has calmed down a bit after four crazy weeks of being absent at least one day every week (an English conference for three days, bronchitis for one day, flying to the U.S. ... you know, the usual :)). I finally feel caught up.

This Friday is a teacher institute day, and I am presenting two times. Once with Tricia as she has been working on a Scope and Sequence for our school (in human-speak, standards for our school to teach by), and I have helped along the way, so we are presenting the standards to the teaching staff. Also, I will be presenting with my friend Carolina about the importance of reflecting on the classroom environment. I am excited for these opportunities! and of course a little nervous :)

I have to wait 3 more weeks to know my test results. Until then, I am enjoying life in the right here and right now.

I have been teaching about so many different topics... Newton's laws, atoms, multiplication, fractions, reading. I think I am a teacher nerd... I love it. I love relating to the students and continuing to invest in their lives.

I gave my students Internet homework last week to type their spelling words and email the words to me, and they loved it. One girl even emailed me again later thanking me for giving her that assignment. LOL. I am thinking about starting a class blog so they gain a little experience with other Internet technology.

Trish and I have had lots of opportunities to talk to others about our Christian faith... in Spanish... including a Jehovah's Witness Saturday. It turned into an interesting debate for sure. Spanish has opened more doors than we thought possible. I have read that the highest level of speaking a language is arguing, so we are moving right along I guess.

Our latest cooking successes: zucchini and parmesan bake, lentil salsa salad, pumpkin soup, Skyline chili (thanks to Trish's homeland Cincinnati!), and breakfast for dinner. Yum! We are trying to be more creative with our basic ingredients.

So that's a good summary of life right now. Life is good.

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