The Daily Become Extraordinary

A couple thoughts on life right now:

1. I got a super short haircut when I was back in the States for Christmas. The front of my hair was chin-length, but the back of my hair was about 1/2 inch long! I had tons of layers to transition between the two extremes... So anyway, this week was the first time I could get it all in a ponytail again :). The back is probably 2 inches long now! Daily ponytails become extraordinary with super short hairstyles :)

2. Yesterday was a teacher inservice day, and Trish and I presented a ''Scope and Sequence'' for the school to have more solidified standards and goals. The teachers were really receptive and supportive. Some even thanked us for all our work and commented on how organized we were. Then the EFL teacher Carolina and I were going to present about the conference we went to about a month ago, but she had to go to an emergency meeting. So I did both presentations -- the English presentation and then the Spanish presentation! Even though each presentation was about 15-20 minutes, I felt so accomplished to have spoken that long in Spanish!!! (Did I say everything perfectly? No. I was still thinking of mistakes I had made 6 hours later!! I'm too much of a perfectionist!) Again, the teachers were really receptive and thanked me for my work. Daily teaching presentations in your second language are quite extraordinary, if I do say so myself :).

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