A Real Life 30 Second Skit

Tequila, family dachshund (short hair, black)

Background Information
Tequila likes to play fetch... to the point that you no longer want to play. Kate's room is on the second floor, and she can throw Tequila's toys out the window into the backyard as the dog races down the stairs to get it. Judit knows that Kate enjoys playing with Tequila but tires easily of the repetitive game.

°Kate throws ball out window as Tequila races down stairs.
°Enter Judit into the backyard to take clothes off the clothesline.
°Tequila speeds across the lawn and burrows into the bushes to find the ball, rustles around.

Judit: Tequila!! Leave Kate alone!
Kate: Awe, Judit, she's alright for now.
Judit: No, she needs to learn to stop!
°Tequila stops moving in the bushes, pokes nose out as if to see if coast is clear.
Judit: Tequila, don't hide yourself!
°Tequila continues to play statue.
Kate: Tequila! You don't look like a plant!
°Tequila sulks out of the bush, complete with puppy eyes, as if to say: Come on! Sure I do!
Judit and Kate exit, laughing.
Tequila follows, ball in mouth.

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