Have I Seen You Somewhere Before...?

It has been great to be back in the States for a few weeks and along the way I have been reunited with quite a few good friends. It almost felt surreal, as if I had never seen these people before, but yet we had a history and actually knew each other really well. It's hard to allow it to seem real that you're with people you have known longer than a year when it's only for one day or one evening (ha, if that makes any sense at all... I read that and it's a jumble of words... it makes sense in my mind). Someday life will be more permanent, I tell myself... Maybe. :) I mean, who really knows, but I guess at this point that's how I console myself.

Rosie Guerrero and I go all the way back to high school... she's my cheerleader in learning Spanish as she also is bilingual. Here she is with Judit, my Costa Rican friend that came to visit.
Bible study girls... sister Kallie, friend Erin, and new friend Jeannie.
Emily and her husband were good friends while I was going to school at Judson. We met at Elgin Bible Church and they have since moved to Peoria. They will be coming to visit Costa Rica in December, so you'll be seeing more photos of them! :)
JeanaLe and I at her new apartment with her new husband, Jason. It's crazy how fast life changes! We completed the education program at Judson together and she is now teaching in the Elgin area.
Costa Rican friends come to visit! :) Judit was here in Chicago visiting for a whole week. It was so fun to speak Spanish stateside as well as introduce her to classics... More about that in a later post.

My dear friend Jaclyn. You might remember her from posts more than a year ago when she went to Costa Rica to visit the school and Vulcan Arenal so I could check out where I would be living. You can check out her blog now too at this link as she heads to Uganda in just a couple weeks! She will be volunteering with Engineering Missions International (I think that's the name... someone correct me!) for 4 months.
Then there's always Sarah. You might also remember her from March 2009 posts when she came to CR to visit. Here you can see the slight outline of a metal hanger, unbent and stuck into her door... yeah, we locked all keys, cell phones, and anything else of use inside the car, so we had to get creative... believe it or not, I was able to pop the lock within 2 minutes. Too bad we sat on the car trunk for 45 minutes before thinking of this genius plan. Haha... good memories :)
I love friends. I was able to stay 5 nights with Christina (center in the polka dots) and her husband Chris (in the blue button down shirt) and we had friends over one night. L2R me, Sean, Chris, Christina, Natalie, and Todd. We played a hysterical game and laughed the whole evening... it was great.

More photos of friends to come.

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