Visit to the Earthquake Site

Roots torn out of the ground.

So today we had a paseo of sorts... we ventured out to see the earthquake site from the 6.2 quake in January. The whole family came along for the adventure, and they had been to the area before the earthquake many times, so they said many times, "Aaah, remember when we.....??" but they kept saying how much destruction there is since the earthquake. We were also talking about how life can change so fast. The earthquake lasted only 48 seconds, but houses fell off cliffs, landslides covered entire pastures, and trees toppled like dominoes. It was unreal what it all looks like now.
Can you tell what it is??? A house...
The tica mom and I :) Que linda!

Electric pole snapped in half

another house that's barely a house

The whole family kept saying "This used to be green!!! All the trees have disappeared!!" Crazy, huh??

Roads were snapped in half like this... and the other half had mysteriously vanished... wow.
This waterfall drew tourists from everywhere... but now the draw might be more to see the destruction than to see the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.Judit, my tica sister... clearly up to something.
We stopped at a fruit market on the way back... and Judit and I were really cold. I think this is my cold/laughing face? :) haha Judit makes me laugh a lot!

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