Gracias a Dios

So I used to think the title phrase meant "Thank you, Goodbye"... so I always thought the people were saying they didn't want to talk to me anymore. Haha, thank goodness that now I realize that it means "thanks to God"... My tico family got a big kick out of that story.

Along the lines of "thanks to God," He has provided for me in lots of little ways recently. I mean, He's always providing in lots of little ways, but I guess the past few weeks He's really been opening my eyes to realize how much He provides. With the play, items that we need continually are donated or loaned to us... For example, yesterday one of the Sojourn teachers told me she had more fake flowers that we could have for the play AND Kim's parents confirmed that they have a top hat they can bring for the costumes. 2 things in one day!!! Also, God continually provides the finances to make life possible here. I am so encouraged to have so many here and in the States supporting the work God is doing in my life (and all of our lives!). Gracias a Dios!

I tried "Vaca Negra" with the family last night -- translation "Black Cow" -- and it's basically a root beer float with Coke. We were at the grocery store after that and I found a can of root beer, so when we got home, we tried round 2 of Vaca Negra but this time with the gringa way. Ha, we all enjoyed it.

The set for the play is well on its way to being finished. We have one more work day a week from today, and I'll take my camera I promise :). Sorry Mom that there's no photos yet. Just know it's looking good :)

Sarah, Jenny, and Kim arrive Monday at 12. Wowee, I'm super excited!

Life is busy and all is well!

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K Siscoe said...

We look forward to seeing pictures!
We got to our destination in Wisconsin just in time to see it snow! It is in the 60's today, so the snow melted and we made it home just fine.
Love ya