Shout Outs

A big hello to Jason and Janna Crumrine as they sat under this same tree with me during their December vacation to Costa Rica. This photo was taken this past weekend when I returned to Playa Conchal with my friends. HIIIII tios!!!

This week begins a new term and along with that are lots of new ideas and strategies in my bag. :) Ha, my tico family calls my purse the "Mary Poppin bag" because they (and I!) never know what's coming out of it. In the classroom, we changed reading groups and I grouped one tico per group so now they're surrounded by English :). I'm loving that because they're constantly asking questions -- "What is this? What is that?" Sounds a lot like me in Spanish. We've also been creating our own life-sized drawings of the human body and it's systems. You should see our masterpieces :)... they're currently hanging on the balcony for parents to enjoy. I am also working to use every moment of the school day for learning... so we've been practicing quicker transitions, doing mental math and trivia during bathroom breaks... you know, I'm thinking more and more like a teacher.

And I have friends coming in just a few weeks!!! How exciting! Jenny Olson, Sarah Mikan, and Sarah's friend Kim will be joining me for a quick 4 day visit to San Jose, and I can hardly wait!

But before they get here, we are working furiously on the set and costume design for the upcoming production at the school. I am seriously so glad to be using my artistic background in this way -- it gives me so much satisfaction and joy! A group of high schoolers and adults helped build the set yesterday, so we will begin painting next week. Hurray!!! Sorry, there's no photos of any of this action yet, but you will see the final project on here for sure! :)

Tenga un buen noche!

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