Did Someone Say We're Having a Surprise Party??

Kim Loosa was the brains behind the idea to have a surprise party for the first grade teacher, Peggy, who is turning 50. Even with about 70 to 80 guests, we pulled it off without her finding out!!! Quite the accomplishment for 20 first graders :)

The two Kims on the lookout.
Beautiful flowers for the birthday girl!

Presents are ready!
She's here! The excuse was that she went grocery shopping with Diana, and they were on the way to Peggy's house :) Ha, think again.
There she is!!!!!
Kim made Peggy's favorite... apple pie. Ha, yes, it's a square apple pie.
Birthday cake for the birthday girl.

Gathering around the dessert feast.
1st grade mom congratulates 1st grade teacher.

And Mimi, our school secretary, congratulates Peggy. :)

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