A Sheepish Hello

I can hardly believe it's March 12th!!! Time really is flying here, as there's so much to do and so little time!

Friends Jenny Olson and Sarah Mikan (and Sarah's friend Kim) are coming in just 2 weeks, so I've been busy making reservations and plans for when they are here. It will be a quick visit -- only Monday to Friday -- but I'm the travel agent/hostess/chaffeur/Spanish translator, so I've been working hard to plan for that.

The play is approaching quickly as well. Just 3.5 more weeks!!! A group of high schoolers are helping me with the painting process, and we actually accomplished quite a bit today. There's so many details to think about! I'm also in charge of actor's costumes, so that's been quite the adventure to nail down. We have 3 of the 10 actors with full costumes... the rest are still "works in progress".

Oh yeah, and then I'm a teacher. Also an adventure.

Life is good and my bed is calling my name for the night :). G'nite!

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