A Eulogy in Photos

Lyneal Weston Siscoe was my grandpa. There are many reasons he was the best grandpa I could ask for.
 Reason #1. He gave bunny ears mercilessly.
 Reason #2. He shared his toys with his grandkids.
 Reason #3. He made floats for local parades.
 Reason #4. We played dress-up in his work clothes.
 Reason #5. He was strong enough to carry us.
 Reason #6. He used to be young too... even though I don't remember :).
 Reason #7. He was the youngest of 14 kids... He's the baby in this photo!
 Reason #8. Grandpa danced the YMCA all by himself at his daughter's wedding.
 Reason #9. He married my grandma! :)
 Reason #10. He raised some cool kids.
 Reason #11. He made us stand in a sunflower field for a summer photo.
 Reason #12. He bought a motor for his paddle boat.
 Reason #13.He gave us rides whenever we needed it :).
 Reason #14. I was his first grandbaby :).
 Reason #15. He would read to me.
Reason #16. He always let us drive.

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delight said...

Kate, I'm so sorry to hear about your Grampa's passing. It must be so rough to be far away from your family now. You and your family will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers!

P.S. This is such a wonderful post and dedication to him :)