Alright, so I've been in Costa Rica now a week (time flies!), and I've seen some pretty funny things that I want to share:

1. I was crossing the street at the bottom of a hill, and I glanced up the hill to see a teenage boy racing down on his skateboard. He lost balance and began to swerve just as cars came over the top of the hill. He fell off the board and rolled down the hill, head over heels, with cars slamming on their brakes and dodging around him. Thankfully I made it across the street before any of the panic affected me. I hate to admit that my inner instinct was to laugh instead of asking the guy if he needed help (which probably isn't a good idea anyway)...

2. A tico with a r.e.a.l. blonde mullet. haha.

3. Today as I was working on this next year's curriculum, I read in my history teacher's guide that I should need ''gold spray pain'' for one of the projects... um, gold spray paint, maybe? :)

4. And best for last: You're not going to believe this one! So I'm at a Chinese restaurant with some friends downtown, and we had just discussed that some people don't like Chinese babies. I was impartial to the conversation and so excused myself to go to the restroom. While in a bathroom stall, a mother and daughter came into the restroom as well. I saw a small shadow pass by the stall door and thought they had just passed to go to another stall. Then this tiny head pops under my door and then hands and body and legs, and this Chinese toddler stands up in my stall and is standing there looking at me and I said loudly, ''Qué está haciendo?'' (''What are you doing!?''), and the baby cocked her head to the side ... I don't think she spoke Spanish yet. And the mother did nothing to get this kid out of my stall, so I was in half-shock, half-terror on what to do (''If I push her back under the door, is that child-abuse?'' I thought bc there's strict abuse laws in CR)... After what seemed like forever (in reality it was 4 or 5 seconds), the baby crawls back under the door. I sat there in utter disbelief and when I finally collected myself enough to exit the stall and ''meet the mom'', the mom just gave me this look like it was my fault that her child was crawling around on the dirty floor... Oh geez. I headed back out to the group to inform them that I now was also not fond of Chinese babies...

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K Siscoe said...

Oh Kate, that is a funny story. I look forward to hearing you tell the story in person! I guess we did not have the opportunity to introduce you to many Chinese babies in the midwest!
Love ya!