Adventures while Commuting

The past 3.5 weeks have been eye-opening for me as I join the commutin workforces of the world. I now travel from one side of the city to the other every morning and every afternoon. Thankfully, I don´t have to travel by bus every day because I found some carpooling pals. We have seen and heard some strange things throughout the last few weeks... and the stories are just beginning.

For example, during the first week, there was soap spilled in the street. Add that with the rain pouring down (literally buckets of rain) and that makes for a slippery highway... so slippery that a motorcycle lost control right in from of our car and Caro hit the brakes so fast that all our seatbelts locked and we skidded to a stop 2 feet before hitting the man who had fallen off his moto. YIKES

Or when it starts to rain all of a sudden, and the motorcyclists all stop on the side of the road and are desperately pulling their rain gear over their heads. This is something I want to capture as a photo... but haven´t yet.

Just a couple days ago, I saw another motorcyclist rope himself to the back of a dump truck. TO THE BACK. I was thinking, ''Is he seriously going to ride behind it that way?'' and then the dump truck started going down the street, pulling the moto behind him... UM safety anyone?

But beyond motorcycles, there are also other stories. Like the man pushing his legless friend in a wheelchair across the train tracks... with a train coming full speed!!! I had a heart attack watching them desperately try to get the wheels over the tracks... thank goodness they made it. It stressed them out so much (not to mention the train engineer!) that they had to stop for a cigarette break about 3 feet away from the train still racing by.

Then there´s the man that´s always selling pens for 20 cents each in Hatillo. He´s there every day, rain or shine. I bought 3 pens one day just because he´s so diligent in being ''to work'' on time to meet us every morning and every afternoon. He has a really funny umbrella too... with the Energizer Bunny and rainbows, lol.

hmm... what other stories do we have?

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