Almost Ready!!

This week has been one of hectic preparation for students this next Monday. I have been cleaning, organizing, planning, and stressing every moment Monday through Friday. I am still stressing a bit, only because I am nervous and want to do well at my new job (I definitely have a hint of perfectionism from Dad :)). Alright, so here's a tour of my classroom-after-organization!
The ''Book Gallery''

My desk, bookshelf, and COMPUTER :)

The student's cubbies

A view of the front

And a side view toward the outside windows!

Now I just need to mentally prepare for 20 5th graders walking in the door on Monday!


DaniSue said...

Classroom looks great! I was thinking---we both have 5th grade. Would you be interested in a Mail-Buddy project? A way for my kids to realize the world is bigger than Rockford, IL and a way for your kids to connect with us?

Kathryn Siscoe said...

yes, that sounds great!! how soon do you want to get started?

jk.crumrine said...

Your classroom looks very nice Kate! Will be thinking of you during your first days at the new school, you'll do great.

Love ya, Aunt Janna

DaniSue said...

Next week too early? lol---I dont want to make it something they hate---not just "another assignment" you know? I do not even think I will grade it. I will probably just use it for participation, but I think it could be a really great learning experience for them! Let me get kicked off this week, and we will be in touch!

My email: dvanek@rockfordlutheran.org

Thanks! I am very excited!