5th Grade Reviews

It's Friday!!! I´m ready for (what I think is) a well-deserved break this evening after a challenging first week of school. It has been a good first week, normal by many standards, but first weeks are always challenging to establish expectations. So this afternoon I gave my students a ''quiz'' and they had to describe themselves and then describe our class. Here´s some responses I got about their opinions of this week:

I think is splendid.

warm and peaceful


I most times like Ms. Siscoes class

I like the different things you do.

I like you and you class it need to be more clean.

Funny, And happy.

Ms. Siscoe is PURA VIDA

I think is very cool and you are very cool.

be fun we would learn a lot (I initially read this one as ''be fun we will learn a lot'' but then realized maybe the student is trying to say I'm not fun?)

I think it is good and I understand you.

I think is super and verry funny Miss Disco's class


and the only semi-bad review:

It's funny and sometimes boring.

Not too bad after a week of giving 8 detentions, making 6 boys do pushups and jumping jacks at recess (today), pounding on students' desks when they were falling asleep, (yes, I admit it) yelling, catching a student lying and sending him to the principal, investigating whether a student had cheated on their homework, having multiple class meetings on what it means to be respectful vs. disrespectful, checking students for lice, and making students come inside after recess (what!!! what a foreign idea!).

''Warm and peaceful.'' Really?? :)


DaniSue said...

Wow! What a week!

Emily said...

Hi Kate! I think I stumbled across your blog through Facebook. I'm not sure because I saved the link a while ago...

Anyway, it's awesome that you're a teacher in Costa Rica! I'm sure you'll be great. Good luck as you finish up your second week!