Impulsive Beach Trip!

SO I went to the beach last weekend and I took lots of photos, but long story short, the Internet at our house is not working and I am over at Trish's house to use Internet... and I forgot to bring over the beach pics. Whoops.

So anyway, I can describe the weekend for you :).

There were 5 of us that went; all of us are studying in the Spanish intensive course right now. Caroline, Sarah, David, Jared, and me all ventured to Manuel Antonio early Saturday morning. It's been a long time since I've traveled with guys and girls (usually it was just us girl teachers) so that was a fun change. Caroline and I went to the National Park on Saturday while the other three went ziplining, and then several of us went kayaking on Sunday morning. Wow, it was so beautiful to kayak on the ocean along the beach and the cliffs, with the waves crashing all around you. It was also really hard, especially on the way back. I was in a one-person kayak, so it was really challenging to keep going for about the last 20 minutes or so. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos because, well, I didn't want to take my camera in the middle of the ocean with me. ... No need to explain :).

I have to admit, I was really sore on Monday from kayaking :).

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