alright, ready for the random happenings in Costa Rica?

Summer school is in full swing... and then the Administrator of Health and the Administrator of National Security (or something like that) makes a national decision that all schools, churches, and stadiums must close for the next week to stop the spread of the swine flu. There have been 6 fatal cases here in Costa Rica and since there´s only 4,000,000 ticos, I guess 6 is a big number to them. Sooooo the students won´t be attending school at Sojourn next week, but us teachers still have to go in to work... What will we do without students? I´ll keep you posted... I´ve heard rumors of painting classrooms and heavy duty cleaning.

Spanish classes are humbling, trying, challenging, stretching, growing. I am daily praying Philippians 4:13 and 2 Timothy 1:7 to prepare myself for being humbled once again. Even amidst the challenges, I trust God is pushing me and challenging me and requiring me to lean on Him even more every moment of every day. My latest Spanish assignments: To explain how to butter bread, To explain how to brush your teeth, To interview a Bible character, To give steps for a recipe, To defend my opinion on various topics. Some of these tasks are difficult in English, let alone Spanish!

And as far as posting photos goes, I still have daily battles with the Internet... and I´m losing the war. They will come!

I am joining a group to travel to the Arenal Volcano this weekend... lots more adventures in store!

8 days until I´m back in the States!!! It´s crazy to think (and even a bit crazier to say) that I have lived here 11 months and I have only been in the States 10 days of those 11 months! But we are about to change that :)

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