Teacher Nightmare

A little shout-out to teachers in enclosed buildings.... Our school is more like a campus than one enclosed building, so when it rains, life suddenly becomes very complicated... especially with 12 students in tow. 

So we are at the bathrooms for our afternoon break. The typical afternoon clouds have moved in and thunder and lightning have been announcing their presence for an hour or so... when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it starts to pour. And I mean, really pour. Like, buckets. And then it begins to blow. Like, straight sideways, right into the hallway we were in. The kids are standing in line, and the rain is blowing all over them... Of course, they're loving it and dancing and yelling and carrying on... 

So we ran back to the classroom and then we were all soaked. We smelled like wet dogs, too, but we couldn't open the windows because the rain was blowing right into the windows! Oh geez... so we smelled and suffocated for the last hour of school. 

What an adventure. 

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