Spring Break Destination #2

During Spring Break, I was also able to visit my family's house (more like a tiny cabin) in San Mateo. It was an intense 2 days of Spanish but well worth it as I am progressing steadily. Here's a bee's nest that enters their bathroom. Kind of strange, I know, but they are the tiniest bees I've ever seen and they don't sting. 
I was playing with my camera on a super-slow shutter speed and the bright moon. Here I was trying to write my tica sister's name.. but it didn't work out so well :).

Here's the tiny cabin. It's literally 3 rooms... camper size. Mom and Dad, like your camper, but a house. 
And my house set up behind the family's house :)
A hummingbird's nest we found! 
During my visit to San Mateo, the neighbors came over to welcome ManRi and Blanca back to the area, and they brought delicious tortillas and picadillo. Turns out that the couple lived in Florida for several years and knew some English, and the husband had grown up half time in New York and the other half in Puerto Rico. Quite the mix. So he wanted to practice English with me, and we're all sitting around in our camping chairs and talking in Spanish and then all of a sudden he switches to English and starts telling me about how he lived in New York and basically his whole life story. I felt really awkward about this language switch because even though I understood perfectly, I knew my tico parents weren't understanding much and I wasn't sure about this man's wife... so I switched the conversation back to Spanish. Later, when Blanca asked me about why I hadn't wanted to speak English with him, I explained that I felt rude speaking in a language that not everyone could understand. I thought that if it was just a one-on-one conversation, the language switch would have been just fine, but I didn't want to make a show out of it to people that couldn't also participate in the conversation. I was thankful when she understood. 

Judit also came out and joined us at "the house". She brought her favorite food... raw salmon with biscotti. Quite the sophisticated food... but I still can't swallow it. I tried to... but it just wasn't happening. Judit and I shared the tent :) and that was quite the adventure. She made fun of me talking in my sleep in English as she believes that when I am fully fluent I will talk in my sleep in Spanish. Maybe it's true... but those were the only nights that we shared a "room", so I may not ever know when I am truly fluent, according to Judit. 

We went to the beach and then to an amazing restaurant called "La Leda" that had a great rice and shrimp dish. Little did I realize that when I asked what they recommended at La Leda is that we would all get the same thing... we all ordered plates piled high with fried rice and shrimp. YUM :). 

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Jill said...

I love to hear your stories... your words transport me to your where you are and I can picture everything in my mind.

Interesting that you talk in your sleep. =)