Favorite Foods

Alright, so I realized the other day as Mom and I were talking that my favorite foods have changed quite a bit. I was describing to Mom that I love toast with ham and avocado for breakfast now.... I guess a bit weird now that I think about it, ha. 

Other favorites include gallo pinto (a rice and beans dish), ginger ale, pineapple, "recreo" cookies (translation = recess cookies. It's a brand name here), spinach lasagna, brasilian pizza, and shrimp. Oh, and the drink "horchata." It's like rice milk... yum. 

Monday night, we ate potatoes... nothing unusual, right? We had butter and sour cream to put on them... and then I got out the parmesan cheese that the Blucker's gave me for my birthday (yup, still going strong! :)) and ... WOW... I forgot how good baked potatoes are! I also found some bacon bits in the cupboard left by the last gringa that lived with the family... wow, words can't describe. 

Ha, so while my favorites have changed, I think the old favorites are classics... the old favorites just aren't as readily available here. 

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Laura said...

I love horchata too! But I don't think that they drink it in Argentina...:(