Sojourn Adventures

I finally remembered to bring my camera to school again so now I have more photos to show you! Friday was "dress like your favorite book character day" so we were decked out in 4th grade. 
Annabel as Pippi Longstocking. 
Students working on their "Geography Levels". They are learning their U.S. states and capitals... practically by themselves! :) It's great, I love watching them during this time.
Diego... the only boy in the class. Poor guy.
The chaos after chapel time... putting away benches. And there's Miss V. as a character from a book the 5th graders read... I can't remember the name right now!
My students carefully listening in chapel... and poking each other.

A photo like the beginning of the year... now they're growing up! From left to right, our characters are Anne of Green Gables, Lucy from Narnia, Susan from Narnia, Gaby the student, Paula the student, Junie B. Jones, Diego the student, Brooklyn the student, Nicole the student, another Lucy from Narnia, Hannah Montana, and Pippi Longstocking. 
My favorite photos... Jump! 
The twins as Susan and Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia.

Good morning Gaby!!
And teachers at the 6th grade graduation reception. L2R Chrissy King, Kim VanArtsdalen, me!, Karol Massey, Kim Loosa. 

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