books, books, books

Only 6.5 more weeks of living in the States!!! Oh man...

I'm beginning to prep plans and paint posters for my classroom. I know I spend way too long on the posters, but it's so much fun! Photos to come when they're finished :).

In reflection of my visit to Sojourn, I have realized that an educational tool that is much needed are books. Sojourn does have a school library, but these books are mostly chapter books and, well, somewhat outdated. I would love to be able to initiate a "book drive" to aid both teachers in teaching and students in learning.

In fact, I already have some book donations. I will take anything. I did notice the library is lacking in picture books, so that might be a starter. But of course, chapter books are welcome too -- Geronimo Stilton, Magic TreeHouse, Chronicles of Narnia to name a couple series. If you need ideas, here's a link to one of my professor's top picks of children's books: <http://www.stevelayne.com/webdata/resources/Handouts/Dynamic_Read_Aloud_Programs_and_Titles_that_Work.pdf>

These would all be great additions to any school library!

I also need to raise some funds to ship the books to Costa Rica. I researched this a bit last weekend at the Post Office and discovered I can send quite a few books for about $40-50.

All that to say... anyone interested? Have some used books? Want to donate new ones? Want to sponsor mailing books to a school in Costa Rica? If so, let me know.

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