summer snapshots

so I thought it was about time to tell you more about how my summer is going, and pictures are a quick way to do that. and of course I love taking photos, so I have plenty to share! I haven't quite figured out how to load photos in chronological order... so forgive me if it seems like I'm jumping around.

I have been busy planning lessons and overview calendars for my 4th grade endeavors, and I've been making lots of classroom posters! I have also been spending as much time as possible with friends and family, making the most of every opportunity! and of course, I have been nannying and working for my hard-earned living. :)

alright, let's get down to business:

something I really wanted to do this summer was to fly to Florida to see my good friend Qwynne. with some careful financial planning, I was able to do just that! this seagull was at the Boca Grande beach and liked his photo being taken (I have 5 more photos of him, all in different poses, as proof!)

apparently I've been practicing my hand at animal photography as here is another example. this lizard was not happy that I was interrupting his sunning time, as he avoided the camera.
and here's Qwynne. isn't she lovely?
me and Qwynne. we ate lunch at her favorite place called "two senoritas." why a mix of English and Spanish? not sure.

another weekend, my great friends from home (Chelsea on the left, Erin on the right) came to visit me in Elgin and we headed downtown Chicago for the day.
an ambitious young sailor we encountered at the infamous bean in Millennium Park. a flower girl and ring bearer also at the Millennium Park bean. I love taking pictures of kids!
at the amphitheater in Millennium Park.
we walked all over Chicago on the hottest day of the year. we were exhausted at the end of the day!
oh, here we are again at the bean, taking our own portraits!

I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Tiffany. She and her husband, Dave, are headed to Indonesia to teach for 2 years. We'll keep in touch over Skype!
then another weekend, I spent time with these crazy people and their dogs. recognize any of them?
yes, they are racing their dachshunds...
I worked with the Judson University Design Camp for a week in July. here is a critique set-up. Julie and Marjie and I were looking at their work and making decisions about where to take it next.
and we couldn't help but get a Camp photo at the bean. I've spent a lot of time in Chicago!

oh yes, and then I spend quite a bit of time with these fellas. here they are wrestling on the garage floor.
and going into forbidden territory... I have the photos to prove it! :)
I babysat these beautiful girls in June. LtoR: Simone, Chavonne, Vashti. precious and so fun! we did girl stuff like dress up and painting our nails!
and then back to boy stuff: guns and getaway drivers.

I think that's a good quick summary. perhaps I'll post more later :)

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