hello from florida!

quick trip to florida to spend some quality time with my good friend qwynne. a mini-vacation of sorts. sorry, i don't have my camera cord with me to post photos, but trust me, it's gorgeous! photos to follow :).

this has been a busy summer. my week off from nannying was consumed by the Judson design camp as i was camp counselor and studio assistant. that was lots of fun too! perhaps i'll post some photos of that too.

as i sat in the airplane yesterday, making the journey from Chicago to Ft. Myers, i realized that it is exactly a month before i leave for Costa Rica. wow. everything is happening so fast and i think it's only going to feel faster! Two more weeks of nannying and two weeks at home and... then 10 days until i have my own classroom in another country. sheesh!

i'll be sending out my support letters this next week. if you would like to receive one, email your home address to kathrynsiscoe@gmail.com. thanks!

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Jill said...

I didn't know what a "hey there" was, so I thought I would give it a try... :)

You have my home address, so send me your letter.