Top 25 Things to Do on Christmas Vacation (2010 edition :))

25. Apologize to my family and friends for not posting for nearly a month!!! (Sorry, I was on vacation! :))

 24. Review Central America geography from the plane window... I think the above photo is Belize (I think :)).

23. Enjoy my parents' warm fireplace and the huge Christmas tree.

 23. Realize that water towers are very commonplace in the U.S. Water towers are included in the 5th grade science curriculum for the water-cleansing process... but my students didn't know what water towers were! Now I have photos to show!

22. Eat mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, cream cheese, and ice cream to my heart's content :) (I think I gained 10 pounds, lol)

21. Enjoy catching up with Kewanee friends: Rosie, Chelsea, Erin, Lisa, Jori, Liz.... and Elgin friends: Chris&Christina, Sean, Ian, Natalie, Sarah, Brian, Jenny, JeanaLe, the Gum family, Aaron&Maria, Todd......... and Costa Rica friends that are now here in the States: Yoji, Tara, Tricia G., Eddie............

 20. Take photos of my beauuuutiful sister! Kallie is growing up really fast!

 19. Take silly photos with my siblings *at night*. Here Kallie is sitting on us :)

18. Google Spanish churches in the Elgin area, pick one, and visit on a Sunday morning. Translate for the gringo family sitting next to me.

 18. Christmas Day with the Siscoe grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I feel more like an aunt than a cousin to my youngest cousin Collin (in the red shirt on Austin's lap).

 17. Capture Dad's serious face. (You're welcome, Dad! :))

 16. Realize that Austin is taller than all of us, but Wes can still pick him up (sort of).

15. Stay warm with my new winter coat and boots (Thanks Mom! :)).

14. Sleep in... until 10 or 11 at least.

 13. Capture Mom's loud laugh in action, haha. :)

 12. Witness cousin Collin´s cake-eating skills at his first birthday party.

 11. Spend New Year's Eve dancing with Tricia Gaumer and brother Wes at Tricia´s sister Tori's wedding. Congrats Tori and Bobby!

 10. See Tara Reilly (who I met in Costa Rica at Sojourn Academy) at the New Year's wedding! Here we are wearing silly hats at midnight.

9. Cook for friends and family! Yuuuum :)
 8. Take Kallie to Chicago for free day at the Museum of Science and Industry.

 7. Say hello to Eddie (who I also met in Costa Rica) while in Chicago.

 6. Wonder how an airplane was maneuvered to move inside the building...

 5. Admire Kallie´s texting skills on her new phone... and borrow her phone for a few days to try out my own skills :) (Thanks, Kallie!)

 4. Visit my 5th graders' pen pals in Rockford, Illinois, and use a SmartBoard for the first time in my life in their classroom!

3. Campaign for a job in Elgin, Illinois, with classroom presentations and a day of resumé delivering (Pray for an opportunity to open up for next school year! ;))

2. Play in the snow for an afternoon with the Gum family. Abby and I buried ourselves in the snow. Don't worry, I stayed warm :).

1. And of course, enjoy being home with the other Siscoes! :) L2R: Kallie, Austin, Dad, Mom, Wes, me


DaniSue said...

We made the list!!! Hope you get the letters before you leave! My students are still talking about yoU!

Kathryn Siscoe said...

of course you made the list! :) thanks so much for welcoming me into your classroom! let me know if your students have any more questions i can answer!