Number 25!

Um... I'm not sure if I should be feeling old yet at 25... I mean, it is half of 50, lol. The good news is I just feel old when I'm sick and I haven't been sick very often these last 6 months, so I think I'm pulling through my 20s, haha.

I hadn't been home for my birthday in 7 years, so this was kind of a big deal. Kallie was home sick for the day so we watched an America's Next Top Model marathon (talk about culture shock for me...) and laughed at the girls' drama. Then we ate a Thanksgiving feast for dinner (not kidding -- turkey and potatoes and stuffing... YUM! Mom said we were making up for me not being stateside for the last two Thanksgivings).

 Austin and me with the cake and smoke :)
 Austin spelled ''25'' with candles... but there´s not 25 candles :)
Addy helped me open presents. Kallie made me promise to not put any photos on here of her bc she was sick, so I'm sticking to my promise... although I am tempted :)

All in all, a great day! Thanks to all for the emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages (new record! 141!! :)).

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Wes said...

Hope you had an awesome birthday Kate!