Plane Window Photography

I've heard that many people prefer the aisle seat when riding an airplane. The two reasons I am given are that you don't have to look out the window (and think of the ''what ifs'' of flying miles above ground) AND easy access to the bathroom without the awkward request for 2 other people to get out of their seats in order for you to make your way to the ''lavatory'' (as they are commonly called on planes, haha).
I, on the other hand, love the window seat. Despite the occasional awkward bathroom request, I don't mind one bit. Why? Great photography ops! :)
 So I was taking photos of the clouds... and I know during winter in the States, it's pretty normal to go weeks without seeing the sun. Being above the clouds in a plane got me thinking that just because we can't see the sun from our viewpoint doesn't mean it's not there. The sun is still there, it's just above the clouds.
 Sometimes I think we think of God in a similar way... just because we can't ''see'' Him working means He's not there... the sun reminds me that it's there, no matter if I can see it or not.

So there were lots of clouds and I was fascinated with the different textures on the top. Now I know there's a whole science behind what texture means what kind of cloud it is, but I am not a meteorologist, so I was thinking of the clouds in more artistic terms... that it would be really fun to create cloud textures :).

 The moon was in the sunset. This photo looks like a satellite photo to me :).

And then there was a really pretty thundercloud during the sunset...
...and I caught the cloud's lightning in the photo!!! I have tried this before with no success, and this is the only one of about ten attempts that I was able to capture it :).


Anonymous said...

Love these! AND glad you're back :)

K Siscoe said...

The picture with lightning is awesome!
Thanks for your images and commentary.
Love ya!