Vacation! :)

My friend Lisa and I went to Montezuma beach for Thanksgiving, and we enjoyed lots of good food, good conversation, and good sun time. I read The Kite Runner in two days, ate lots of gummy worms, and drank peach tea while sitting on the beach. It might sound lazy, but I was also swatting away sand gnats and ants from my gummy stash (that was my exercise for the weekend, lol). We did hike to 4 different beaches and to a waterfall... and we did pilates on the beach in the blazing sun, haha, so I did move more than swatting bugs. We saw hungry white-faced monkeys that we thought were smiling for the camera but in reality were bearing their teeth because they were expecting food tips in exchange for the photo ops. We also saw an entire family of bisotes, a relative of raccoons... I'm sure they have a name in English, but I'm not sure what it is. They have rings around their tails like raccoons and are skinnier in their torso, with long anteater-looking noses. We also saw black monkeys performing tight rope on the electrical cables and a blue-jay-looking bird wanted to steal my bacon while we were eating breakfast at a local restaurant. The blue jay settled for a sugar packet when I wouldn't surrender my bacon.

So all in all, a great vacation.

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