Photo Shoot

This past weekend I had the privilege of ''chaperoning'' a high school senior class trip, but it fel more like ''accompanying'' as I almost forgot that I wasn't a real high schooler! ha. It was just Lindsay, Savannah, and I and after the beach trip idea had been cancelled due to landslides and flooding, we stayed in a really nice hotel for two nights and ate pizza and chocolate ice cream, watched Gilmore Girls, and ... oh yeah, we had a photo shoot! Lindsay will be attending Judson University next fall (where I graduated from :)) and is looking forward to studying art and photography. She mentioned that no one will ever model for her to experiment with photography and I offered to model! :) All three of us got involved as we all modeled and all took photos. Here's some results.



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Anonymous said...

So great! Glad you girls had fun :)

P.S. Miss you in San Francisco :(