Flashback to October Wacky Week

After having Internet off and on, I´m still recovering :). Here´s photos from October 29th, ''Dress up like a High Schooler'' Day. The kids managed to cover all the high stereotypes :)

 She was excited about her ''credit card''.
A cheerleader! 
looking cute. 
It was interesting to see their interpretation of what high schoolers wear. :)
He told me he was a bully with a leather jacket.

His uncle is just a year older than he is, so he told me he just borrowed his uncle's clothes.

The nerd stereotype.

She had huge headphones, but her hair is covering them in this photo.

Check out his arm tattoo. It was a cloth sleeve that you put on to look like you had a sleeve tattoo. The boys told me they were in the mall once and one of them put the sleeve on to wear around the mall. He said an adult came up to him and told him he was too young to have real tattoos. :) It looks pretty real.

Our new student even took a break from wearing the uniform!

And girls looking cute as high schoolers.

The next Monday, we were back to looking like normal 5th graders! (Thank goodness :))


Samuel John Lima said...

Great blog Kate!

Kathryn Siscoe said...

Thanks Sam! Hope all is well for you and Abby!!