This Week's Favorite Quotes

Kids are funny. Period. That's about all there is to it. Here's some of my favorites this week:

student ''You have 14 kids??''
me ''yes''
student ''well you sure look good after that many babies! my mom complains that us 3 kids are the reason she's not very pretty anymore''

''Do you happen to have a growing laser that I can use?''

''Let's take a field trip on YouTube.''

''I can't believe I'm going on vacation with my teacher...'' (said to a friend about me traveling with his family this weekend to Nicaragua)

OR sometimes it's the spelling errors that make me smile.

''A vaccine has weekend germs that trigger the production of antibodies.''

''I think I never want to merry a man with a beard.''

AND other times there's their journal entries that make me laugh out loud.

Writing Prompt -- ''Write a conversation you would have with your lungs and heart as you run across the gym to catch a kickball. Whether or not you catch the ball determines whether your team wins!''

Student Response -- '' 'Give me more energy!'' I said. The lungs answered, '' Never! '' My heart was thumping hard. I was trying to get enough oxygen as I can. I could see my veins. My arteries were in hyperdrive. My red blood cells said, ''We are going as fast as we can!'' My diaphram was about to explode. My trachea needed more air. Then I caught the ball.''

THEN there's the quotes that almost break your heart.

''I held an orphan baby last week.''

''I might come in with a black eye tomorrow because my test grade isn't very good.''

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