$20 for an 8 hour bus ride...
$8 for an exit fee and 2 hours at customs...

and here we are. Trish and I are traveling with two missionary families for a few days to discover how they are making a difference in Nicaraguan poverty. So far, we've learned a lot about what the Dice family is doing... Their home church in Michigan is passionate about not only learning about international poverty but also about doing something about it.
So their home church sent them to language school in Costa Rica to serve as a bridge to churches in Nicaragua. They are investing in helping these churches build lasting buildings (instead of the tin huts and garbage bag roofs) and they are helping pastors get off their feet as business men. Last night at dinner I asked April where Jeff was, and she casually told me he was otu buying a taxi. I was confused and asked if we were driving ourselves around the next day, and she laughed. Jeff is buying taxis as an investment into area pastors so they can work toward owning the vehicle and make a family living at the same time. Once a pastor owns the car, he earns $700 monthly... and the average wage here is $150 monthly. WOW. Jeff and April are a huge blessing to these people, and I can see it in the pastors's eyes as they interact with the Dice famile.
the pastor's son who has SOOOO much energy. Here he's telling me that he's a monkey and can he please see his photo?

Ellie, me, Karis, Tricia. These girls are precious.

The Dice family. Jeff and April with their kids, L2R Mason, Karis, Ellie, Camden. Mason is one of my 4th graders this year.

Mason's brown eyes.

and today we follow the Johnson family.

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