Volcan Irazu

Judit and I ventured to another Costa Rican volcano today... there's so many to see! We could walk all the way to the edge of the crater of Volcan Irazu! It was very strange to see the land... almost sandy, but the sand was black lava rock, and only a few plants growing. Also, it was at an even higher altitude than the city (at 4000 feet) so it was really cold. There was lots of fog and cold winds. Most of the plants were considered lichens too... which I thought were only in Alaskan tundra or whatever those are called! Who knew there was everything from palm trees to lichen in Costa Rica??
We thought this plant looked like a nest...
Cute flowers, but not so nice to touch... they have thorns in the petals!
One of the craters had this emerald lake in the middle...
Me modeling with the landscape and fog.
Judit laying an egg on our so-called nest plant
Crater #2
It was so foggy we couldn't see the top of the satellite tower 50 yards in front of us!
On the way back we stopped by a restaurant with business cards tacked all over the walls... and when I say "all over," I mean "all over." We didn't have any business cards to leave, and I decided it wasn't a good idea to leave my passport copy... :)

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