Costa Rican Independence Day

Soooo we just celebrated what felt like the 4th of July here, except it's on September 15th. The freedom story of Costa Rica is quite interesting, very fitting with their passive international policies. Apparently there was a night meeting of the Costa Ricans and Spaniards where the Costa Ricans were requesting their freedom from being a Spanish colony, and many Costa Ricans lit their lanterns and walked to the cabin where the meeting was taking place. The tico's purpose in doing this was to show that they were united as a would-be country, but the Spaniards understood that with all the lanterns and commotion outside the cabin, that the ticos were planning a suprise attack and now had them surrounded. So the Spanish signed that Costa Rica was free and ... they became free without fighting.
So now the tradition is for every school to have lantern making contest and night parades. Our school has a day parade just around campus, but some schools block off all the streets around and have real parades.

Anyway, here's a peek at our parade and my 4th graders!! :)
Lily and Savannah




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