Loving Kids

To sum up love simply is to just admit that it's hard. Sometimes really hard. I have glimpses of how hard it is as I work with kids 7 hours a day, but I think I'm only just beginning these discoveries.

The student that I am most on top of to stay on task, to always be following directions, to only go to the bathroom when the class goes, to keep reading, to finish assignments.... today he told me 4 times how much he loved me. Complete with hugs and everything. Wow. I feel like I'm so tough on him every moment of every day. . . and here he's hugging me and telling me I'm the best teacher ever.

Another aspect of love is the ability to laugh. Today I told one of the girls that my favorite pet here in CR is named Tequila. She looked at me in disbelief and asked if I knew that was a kind of alcohol. I told her that yes, I knew, but Tequila was also my pet dachshund's name. We both laughed about that misunderstanding... that my favorite pet was a type of alcohol.

Love. What else will I learn today?

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