Playa Montezuma

Alright, so someone asked me what my favorite beach is... and I really don't know. I mean, every beach has it's own characteristics and pros and cons.

This week we stayed in Montezuma, a little artesan's town on the eastern side of Nicoya Peninsula. We hiked to 4 different beaches, hiked to a waterfall, chased crabs, and got sunburns. This is becoming more and more my ideal vacation... this could be a problem when I return to the States!!
Sunset from the ferry on the way back to San Jose.
Who knew there are cactus here? I'm always learning something!

Trish and Kim in their hiking gear.

Playa Piedra Colorado. There were tons of colored rocks stacked on top of one another.

We saw lots of birds migrating north.

And more birds on the move. My camera and I were fascinated with the birds.


We hiked to a waterfall... I know this isn't a "literal" photo of the waterfall, but I think it's a great abstract photo :). I'm loving experimenting with my camera.

Large black rocks lined every beach it seemed.

Our hut. It would be awesome to say that we built it... but that wouldn't be true. We found it and borrowed it for a couple hours.
Another ferry passing our ferry.

Kim V. is the official spotter of monkeys. She spotted this little guy right outside our hotel window. Que lindo!

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Jill said...

you take incredible photos! you have a great talent!