It's April?

Since when is it April? Seriously, where is time going?

Lots going on right now. I'm staying with a friend (Becky) and her two sons as her husband is in the States, and I'm growing more thankful every day that I don't have my own family yet. I mean, it's so much work!!! The boys (Josiah, 3, and Elliott, 2) have had some rough days without their dad, and I'm glad I could be available for Becky... I see how it is continually challenging to discipline the boys and yet remain patient and calm. Oh my... I'll send "my kids" (aka students) home every day at 2:30, thank you.

The play is over! After a week of 4-8ish? practices, the actual performances seemed to go by so quickly. Today I was already on the task of sorting out the props and costumes and giving back all the items. Wowee, quite a task, but it's definitely quicker than finding all the items!

I'm kind of sad that the play is over. I mean, I was enjoying the creative outlet so much and it was great to remember why I love art. It's seriously so relaxing to me to paint or to sketch... but I haven't done it this much since painting class a couple years ago.

While staying with Becky, we've been making clothes after the boys go to bed. That's right, "making clothes"! I sewed a skirt yesterday inspired by this company: http://www.karizadesigns.com/. I've seen the skirts for sale at the beach and Becky bought one on her recent beach trip, so I was inspired. I'll have to post pictures when I take some. Tonight we're making a tank top for Becky from my skirt scraps... We're going to match with our skirt and shirt! :)

This week is Semana Santa, meaning that everyone in Costa Rica is on vacation... except Sojourn Academy. One of the teachers was telling me today that this is the first time in 30 years that Sojourn has been in session during Semana Santa... It's kind of like when I had to work on Thanksgiving last November... except now it's the ticos who are bummed. But along with working Semana Santa comes mission teams doing Bible School in the morning, so teachers are on the sidelines. Sweet deal! :) Vacation before vacation.

Speaking of vacation, we (Kim V., Trish, and I) are heading to a new beach on Wednesday... Playa Montezuma. It's on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific side. Photos to come soon!

There was a bird in the classroom today. You know, the usual, ha. Oh, and because it's Semana Santa, I only had 6 of my 11 students actually at school today. Wow, can I just take the day off too?

I think that's a pretty good summary of life here right now. Happy Birthday to my Daddddyyyyy!!!! Number 47?? I may have just announced your age to the whole world, Dad... whoops. Love you! :)

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K Siscoe said...

Thanks, Kate! Like I'm keeping it a secret! NOT!
Love ya!