No matter where we go right now, us gringos living in Costa Rica are "exotic". Why??

Well, we live in Costa Rica... but we´re from the United States. Therefore, we are unusual and different to everyone who is Costa Rican.

Then, we travel here in Costa Rica to beaches where there are lots of Europeans and Americans. Everything is great and normal and we´re semi-normal in these places... until people ask us where we´re from and we expound on how we´re from the States but we live here and yada yada yada... Then we´re exotic to the tourists because we´ve lived here for 8 months.

And then finally, we go home. Family already knows where we live right now, but when we run into random high school acquaintances and they`re like, "Wow, how you been? You`re so tan! Where are you living?" and then once again, we are somewhat crazy and unusual and definitely set apart because we`re learning a different language and culture and go to hot vacation spots every month that people dream of going for their honeymoon...

Interesting thoughts of the day after a 4 day trip to Playa Montezuma.

We just returned from the beach yesterday, and to make a long excuse short, the Internet on my computer isn´t working and then my tica sister´s computer won´t read my hard drive... so we´ll have to wait on the photos. They´re good, trust me :). Waiting will make them that much better!!

Much love!

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