Yo Soy Tica... Mas o Menos ... Jaja :)

The title: I am Tica... More or Less ... Haha :)

Today Sojourn celebrated Valentine's Day, so there were lots of parties and cards to be exchanged. The students were able to wear Valentine's Day colors, which the advertisements defined as pink&white&red&purple... so I took the opportunity to wear my Saprissa jersey. Some of the boys were not excited to wear Valentine's colors, but when I told them I was wearing my Saprissa jersey, they got really excited about the idea.

But we still had learning to do, and the students handled that well too (for the most part... always :)). I need continued prayers for handling the situations with the two difficult boys in the class.

I was thinking about my family a lot today as my great-grandma's funeral was this morning. How surreal when I am still in a foreign country surrounded by a foreign language!

My migraine was finally subsiding this morning, so by this afternoon (maybe because it is Friday!) I was feeling much better.

Then one of the tica teachers, Carolina, invited me to her house to make empenadas, a traditional Costa Rican biscuits with meat and cheese inside. Of course I said yes because I have been wanting more tica friends and more practice with Spanish! So we went to Carolina's apartment and made empenadas. She was so encouraging to me, both about my learning of Spanish and my teaching. Carolina said that she has not seen discrimination in my teaching with the ticos and gringos, which is a huge compliment coming from a tica... and she said it is incredible how much Spanish I am able to speak now. Gracias a Dios!!! I am learning each day... more words and more verbs and more phrases... it's such a process!

and now it's Friday night and my mind is not working in English or Spanish. I just mixed up Spanish grammar while speaking English -- I said "the soccer practice of Esteban" instead of "Esteban's soccer practice". Whoops... so maybe I should stop typing before I type something in really bad English grammar, haha :)


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