Life is Very Full and Very Good

Here's the crazy group that hiked the mountain Sunday. Thanks, Brendan, for the photo.

So Kim V. is officially the producer of a play at Sojourn... and I am officially the Set and Costumes Designer! The right side of my brain says "Wow this will be so much fun!" and the left side says "What are you thinking?" Ha, it's going to be a lot of work... but the good news is that it's totally in my artistic creative nature to do something like this. We just had auditions today, and I am sketching the stage scenes and brainstorming what we need. Another adventure...

Life in 4th grade is challenging. An impatient attitude, an apathetic attitude, an attitude of stuffing anger, and an I-need-attention attitude have been my challenge lately. I mean, I know they're making their choices in how they want to behave and interact with the other students, but it's so difficult to warn and lecture and encourage and reflect and there's not much progress.

But positives include we've started a Geometry Unit -- a vacation from Multiplication and Division. We play Simon Says to get the vocabulary in our brains. "Simon says be an obtuse angle. Simon says be a vertex. Simon says be a line segment."... and on it goes. They seem to enjoy it and kinesthetic methods of learning never hurt anyone (there's a teacher word for you :)).

I have 2 hours of Spanish tutoring tomorrow and I need to study! and so many other things to do... but I'm loving life. :)

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