Time for Funny Stories

So I thought there was a bat in my room last Friday night. No joke. I'm laying in bed, it's pitch black, and I hear the sound of wings hitting the curtains. Swish, swish. 'What the heck' was all I could think. I finally wrapped my blanket tight around me (I was freaking myself out, ha) and turned all the lights on (not just one -- all!) and opened my windows and doors... I looked under my bed and desk to see if it was hiding there... and I thought for sure I saw it under my desk. Turns out what I thought was a bat under my desk was actually just a part holding the legs on the desk... right. But then I heard it again... and I saw it... but it wasn't a bat -- it was a HUGE moth. Yup, that's right. I was freaked out over a moth in my room. This thing was seriously huge though. Too bad I didn't think to get my camera out.

The funniest part came the next morning as I'm trying to explain the midnight adventure to my family. Judit says "Oh yeah, I saw your lights on when I got home last night, and I thought, 'How strange that gringas sleep with their lights on and windows open.'" Ha, thanks for the help, sis. We laughed about that one.

I was riding in the car with ManRi and Blanca, returning from the family party on Sunday, and ManRi was driving, well, kind of fast through the city traffic. I said (as usual, not thinking), "Que un taxista!!" (What a taxi driver!) and they were laughing so hard. Blanca repeated what I said to Judit and Rebecca later... They were cracking up too.

Today we were learning about the digestive system and, well, 4th graders fill in the blanks that the textbook doesn't exactly mention. For example, the book calls "pooping" ... "elimination." Ha, quite an official word for that process. So anyway, today we were acting out the digestive system and Gabi jumps out of her seat and declares herself the nutrients that the small intestine is absorbing and then she jumps up in the air like a firework and falls on the ground. The whole class was laughing and then Gabi picks herself up off the ground and says, "And then I was the energy that the nutrients make." Good, we're learning.

That's all for today <3

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