Zebra Stripes

This is my classroom ceiling:
In 5th grade, we´ve talked a lot about how we are individuals and how we have different gifts and abilities to complete different goals in life. ''Zebras might look the same,'' I told my students, ''but every zebra's stripes are different. Our 'stripes' are all different too.''

It's fun to imagine what I might do to classrooms in the future... last year it was a jungle, this year it's zebra stripes... next year? :)


Pupusas from the Feria!

Last night, Marilyn, her two friends Ana and Lia, and I all had cravings for pupusas. So we went in search of them... only to find the two restaurants we know of that sell them were closed for the night! We settled for a hot dog place called Perro Loco (I had the Canadian hot dog loaded with cheese, YUM!), and then today Marilyn continued her search while buying fruits and vegetables at the feria. She brought home pupusas stuffed with chicharron (there's no word for this in English??), refried beans, and cheese. And don't forget the pickled cabbage on top.

Dad, this might give you a flashback to when you were in El Salvador! :) Pupusas are typical in El Salvador but have become more popular throughout Central America. I love a good pupusa! :)

So I've been thinking... do I continue this blog after I go back to the U.S.? I mean, I won't be living any Costa Rican adventures anymore, as the title says... So maybe I'll have to do a cultural food blog, lol. Or a teaching disasters blog, lol. Or a what-it's-like-to-live-closer-to-family blog. I'm sure to still have interesting stories... :)


I Think I'm Insane...

...to paint a mural with 21 students!!!! But it's sure fun to see them have fun! :)


Mind Maps

Students were busy at work today on their Science Mind Map projects. Here's a peek into my classroom this week!

a view from my desk...

If groups finished early, they could choose what they wanted to do the rest of the time... like color their pencil boxes with permanent markers (a very popular pastime these days!).



I made stromboli this evening for the tico family. Mom, you would be proud of the cooking skills I have acquired over these three years with foreign ingredients! :)


What is it?

Any guesses? :)

A New Gecko

Remember when I killed my gecko friend last August? Well, I have a second chance :). Do you see him? He's in the middle of the artwork. This new gecko friend lives in my bedroom. He makes a chirping sound at night when he's content of eating the mosquitoes and moths that are abundant in my room. The rainy season is starting up again, so he has plenty of feasting to do as the insects attempt to escape the rain by flying through my window. Hurray for second chances! Now I check before I close my door so I don't squash him in the door frame... like the last one.