Let the Countdown Begin...

Six weeks left of teaching at Lighthouse... Seven weeks left in Costa Rica...

At this point, it's very surreal. I am continuing to enjoy life and staying probably too busy. I am still in full gear teaching inequalities and coordinate planes, technology and taking notes, utopias and cautiousness. I am tutoring four days a week after school (good money :)). I am interviewing on average once a week with districts around Chicago with still no leads for a specific position. I am hanging out with friends and speaking Spanish like crazy on the weekends. I am calling my best friend Trish in Nepal to catch up on life (it's actually a bit expensive to call Nepal from here... so it's more like trading prayer requests than a full-out conversation :)).

So then comes the surreal part. I'll be changing cultures, climates, time zones, technology access, and friend groups in less than two months. I'll go from being a minority gringa on the side of the road to a majority white girl driving a decent car. I'll go from speaking Spanish in public to speaking English (When I'm in the States now, I often catch myself about to speak Spanish when in public!).

I have an occasional emotional day, but so far, I've been pretty even keel. Maybe I'm anticipating the changes more sub-consciously and it just hasn't sunk into my conscious thoughts yet?

So that's where I am in life. Counting down for surrealness.

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