Old People Day

This week is ''Homecoming Week'' kind of as we have random dress-up days every day... So today was Old People/Baby Day. In other words, students dressed as an elderly person or as a baby. I had 7 old people, 1 baby, and 2 I wasn´t sure what they were :)
 He said his mustache smelled funny and that he fought in World War II when he was a youngster.
 Wow! Her hair was awesome :)
 Our only baby
 He claimed he was an old person, but I told him he looked an awful lot like a skater/emo kid from our 5th grade class...
 Her hair is naturally really dark brown so she loaded that baby powder into her hair for this effect!
 She had stage makeup for wrinkles and old stockings :)
 His cane was too short... He said that added to his ''humpback''.
 She confessed at lunch that she just wanted to wear pajamas... that she wasn´t really an old person or baby.

He was so proud to have a real cane. At one point in the day, he told me he was thinking ''about the good ol´ days!'' When you're in 5th grade, does that mean when you were a toddler? :)

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