Feliz Día de la Cultura

Today's holiday used to be called Columbus Day here but is now called Culture Day because they didn't want to give Christopher Columbus any credit for his 1492 discoveries. He´s not a very popular guy around here!

I am having an extra Saturday for my day off :). I thought I had plans, but they apparently fell through, so I have been packing the apartment and doing some school stuff.

Thanks to all who were praying for a new place to live on the west side. I visited 2 families last Wednesday and confirmed with one today that I will move in with them in November. I am excited and nervous, just like I remember being 2 years ago before Trish and I moved in with our first tico families. I am thankful that God has provided a place!

 Our group of girls hung out again Saturday night, this time for bowling! Melissa, Allie, me, Michelle
Turns out in Costa Rica bowling is charged by the minute, not by the game. It's about $21 per hour too!! Wowee, that would be an expensive date. Good thing there were 5 of us to split the bill.
You can see more photos if you look at Melissa´s blog post: http://melissajanecr.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/bowling-tico-style/ 

We've been without Internet for the past 10 days, so we're glad to be re-connected to the ''real world'' again, lol!

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