Panama Canal

A life goal: See the Panama Canal.
We were on the city side... in the Atlantic Ocean/Carribbean side of Central America.

Here comes the last cargo ship of the morning. The ships go from the Atlantic to the Pacific in the morning, and from the Pacific to the Atlantic in the late afternoon. Ships from all over the world use the canal... Most commonly the US, China, and Chile use the canal, and the cost of passing through saves money and time instead of going all the way around South America.

We watch the people on the ship and the people on the ship watch us. I thought it was funny.

These ''mules'' (as they called them) pull the cargo ship from one pool to the next as the pools of water level out to take the ship from the salt water of the ocean to the fresh water of the canal.
and the back of the cargo ship
little sailboats going through.

and a model in the museum of a ship they used to dig the canal. It was fascinating to learn how they did it... and I am glad that the United States gave it over to Panama. It was a great investment for international relations.
Life goal. Check.

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