Casco Viejo

We explored Casco Viejo for a few hours on my first adventure day in Panama City... after I had quickly recovered from the food poisoning the previous day.
Casco Viejo is the second oldest part of the city that the Spanish built after Panama Viejo was taken over and burned by conquestors in the 1600s. It is now a mixture of ruins and modern buildings and everything in between.
the white part in the sidewalk are cow bones.... i was a bit grossed out by that thought but apparently they weren't when they built it.

a close up of the cow bones.

the old separates the new.

vultures were easily spotted no matter where we were in the city... it was kind of a creepy feeling to know they were always watching you.

ruins of a monk convent from the 1600s... they have done a lot of work on it to keep it in decent shape.
balconies seemed to be on every building

the newer church near the main plaza

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