The New Life... Well, The New Apartment

After a whirlwind 4am resorting the luggage to make it all fit, long security lines (thank goodness I didn-t have to do a body scan after all the Detroit flight scares over Christmas), and a 6am flight Wednesday morning, Tricia and I arrived in Costa Rica around 1pm. Only one problem... I didn't get my giant red suitcase, which means I don't have 50 pounds of my selected luxury items from the States. You know, pesto, parmesan, ranch dressing. lol. Oh well. Until it arrives, I am realizing other missing items as well... like my favorite black cardigan and all my socks. I am being challenged to realize that stuff is stuff and not essential to what is really important in life.

We worked hard Thursday and Friday and now are enjoying the weekend. Yesterday we went to the feria (fruit and veggie market) and then to the POOL :) I am a little crispy today, but I had to kickstart getting rid of the whiteness (again!). After a 2.5 hour church service this morning (it's great to be back :)), I am currently at a neighbor's house using the Internet for a couple minutes.

I figured you might like a tour of where I live now ;) so here goes!

The kitchen

The laundry room

The dining room... Anyone have a table to lend? :)

The living room.

Our book shelf :)
The living room view from the front window.

The bars on the front... and there's a park across the street!

The garage. Usually there is a red car parked in here because we rent out the garage, and when they start the car, our apartment smells like exhaust! Probably not very healthy...

Trish walking through the photo shoot.

The stairwell. I love how bright it is!

Up the stairs. My room is to the right, then you can see the bathroom and studio doors. Tricia's room is way to the left.

Trish's bed and front view window.

Trish's room and bathroom

Do you notice anything different about my hair? :) Yes... it's a different color.

My art studio!!! Sorry I didn't tidy it before the photo.

The current project... a study on a painting I bought in Nicaragua. The location is Lake Nicaragua, the twin volcanoes in the center. The painting has lots of dashes and dots, so it's fun to play with.

My bathroom
My sink

My bedroom

The view out my window... a red wall. It's a bit anti-climatic, but I am thankful that it is a bright color!

My beautiful closet doors. I love the wood. You can see the hallway and staircase back to the left.


Diane said...

fantastico mucha espacio donde esta??
Que Parque???

Laura said...

It's beautiful, Kate, and reminds me a bit of the house I had my second year in Honduras with the wood. It amazes me how you much you are doing and becoming good at. I mean, teaching, speaking Spanish, painting, photography, living and loving Latin America...que bien!

Kathryn Siscoe said...

Parque Copa! cerca de donde vivimos todos nosotros en los apartamentos de Dr. Wong!

Jaclyn Miller said...

love the new apartment! i'm excited for you and tricia! i am praying for you friend! so glad I could see you while you were back...so so glad! : ) love!