Art Birthday Party :)

Many thanks to Trish and Eddie especially for pulling off a great night of pasta, art, and fun! Trish planned and Eddie added his creative ideas to top off the evening. We dressed in primary colors, ate pasta with three kinds of sauce (marinara, alfredo, pesto.. all homemade!), finger painted, played ''The Best Game Ever'' (I'll have to teach you sometime!), and ate a fantastic FunFetti cake in the shape of a painting palette.
Erin took photos of the whole evening!
Painting in action

Andrew, Peggy, Albin, Eddie, Yoji, Trish, Courtney, Erin, Medrano, me!

And the silly faces!
It was a success. Thanks so much Trish for all the thought and time put into it! Sadly, I did not get a photo of the cake on my camera... but believe me, it was beautiful! Thanks guys for helping #24 be a great birthday!

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