classroom pics!!

Alright, so I am posting photos of the classroom even though it's not complete at all. This way you can see what my students are seeing when they come in tomorrow! :)

Here's the hallway entrance to my classroom.

The hallway has a garden! I would never have that in the States! My classroom door is open.

Through the gated doorway... I really want to use this door for students entering the room, but we can't find the key for the gate!

My messy desk :)
I took this photo around 4pm but I made changes already... but it gives you a good idea!

I had a whole conversation in Spanish today... or rather, I understood most of what Mrs. Lucy was saying to me... and I attempted Spanish :). I'm so excited that I am hearing and understanding words and phrases now! The custodian, Marie, will also talk to me... and she says "poco a poco!" to me a lot :). "Little by little," that's for sure.
Shout out to Aaron and Maria Wood... Thanks for these great organizer baskets from your leftover wedding favors :) They hold my paper clips and thumbtacks!
Another shout out to Melissa Smith for her amazing Faith and Life speech when she let us keep chunks of her painting! The piece that I claimed labels my clock well!
Another BIG thanks to Erin Blucker! Woohoo!! First piece of snail mail from the U.S.! :) It made it here in 8 days... My boss says it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, so we got lucky this time!
Introducing a student of mine, Carissa. She's lived most her life in Costa Rica, and it's amazing to hear her speak Spanish! She helped me paint curtains today and literally told me her life story, ha. She told me matter-of-factly that she likes jazz and salsa music.

Here's the curtains we painted... I'm not sure how well they work next to the painted windows... so I'll brainstorm what to do next.


Jill said...

I see your desk... is your back to the students??? Be careful now, we don't want you going around with signs placed on your back! haha.

erin. said...

hey kate :)

i'm loving the blogs and pictures! glad you got the letter so quickly, too! sounds like things are going well; that's awesome. i hope your first real day has been great!


eric + melissa wielenga said...

Kate! I just was browsing around facebook and saw a link to your blog...it is so cool to see you brought the 'time' piece to Costa Rica! It is wonderful to see all the ways God has provided for you and led you to teach there. Blessings!