Sabbatical at Age 25

I would like to continue blogging BUT right now does not seem to be my prime time for blogging. Let me explain why...

1. My car keeps breaking down so (for example) I am stuck on Interstate 290 calling my dad praying that it's just steam coming out from under the hood and not smoke like my deepest fears are chanting at me.

2. My new job is quite overwhelming. Not in a bad awful horrible way, it's just a lot to learn all at once. Like think about being introduced to 20 different computer programs (not kidding) and with those 20 programs comes 20 different usernames and passwords... not to mention the 13 students sitting in front of me waiting for me to tell them each their individual password to the program I currently want them working on in the computer lab. This is only 5 seconds of a 7 hour day I spend with these 13 students... not to mention the hours of planning, the hours of grading, and the hours of trying to figure out what on earth the state of Illinois expects me to teach these children.

3. I am not the most positive person to talk to these days when it comes to American culture. In fact, I'm kind of a downer... so it's best I don't share any thoughts regarding that on my blog because now I am living among my fellow Americans and I myself am adjusting back to the culture... so maybe someday I can be optimistic about my country again. I don't want to dump all that on you via a blog.

So that's a summary of why I am on sabbatical at age 25. Don't worry, I'm not that old yet and I will be a blogger again in the future... I'm just not sure when that will be. Thanks for understanding. :)

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